The yellow brick road of app store monetisation

[Apple and Google dominate the app store game – but only in terms of size. Senior Analyst Andreas Pappas discusses the key success factors for app stores, why Google is lagging behind and how Amazon fits in the whole picture]

With Amazon challenging Google’s app market and Apple allegedly offering the best monetisation potential, several developers and analysts have put these claims to the test by comparing monetisation data across the three app markets. Differences in app store monetisation potential can have a significant impact on developer mindshare: developers will seek to leverage platforms that will make them more money.

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Hangout with BlueVia & VisionMobile (July 23)

Join VisionMobile and BueVia in a Google Hangout (July 23, 8pm GMT) to discuss our recently published Developer Economics 2012 report. The hangout will include VisionMobile’s Andreas Constantinou, BlueVia and developers from around the world.

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Update – You can view the video and slides from the Hangout here.

Red Bend and VisionMobile webinar (July 19)

Join VisionMobile and Red Bend Software in a webinar (July 19, 2 p.m. UK time) about how Mobile Software Analytics will enable mobile operators, device manufacturers and enterprise administrators to uncover valuable trends and insight into application usage and software performance from the perspective of the mobile device itself.

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Mobile platform wars: Winners and losers in 2012

[The game of ecosystems is in full bloom, with each player attempting to draw as many developers as possible around their platform. As we finally see some signs of consolidation, VisionMobile Senior Analyst Andreas Pappas, talks about the rules of engagement and identifies the winners and losers in this game of ecosystems in 2012. Also, we’re proud to introduce VisionMobile Visualisations – live, interactive graphs with tons of data from the Developer Economics 2012 research!]

Below, we’d like to present a very small sample of our newly-launched Visualisations, depicting how Intentshare varies by the platform developers choose. The sample contains just one variable – for more filters and full functionality, visit

Percentage of developers planning to adopt each platform, irrespective of which platform they’re primarily using now.

The graph above is just a sample of what our new Visualisations can do – visit for full functionality. Just bear in mind that you need a minimum resolution of 1024 × 768 px to access.

Developer Economics 2012 (free copy available here, thanks to the sponsorship by BlueVia) confirmed that reach remains the strongest motive for platform selection, as indicated by 54% of developers. With Android and iOS accounting for 82% of total smartphone sales in Q1 2012, according to IDC, these two platforms can now guarantee near ubiquitous smartphone reach for developers using them. As a result, developers’ mindshare is being increasingly dominated by these two platforms: Android is being used by three-quarters of developers and iOS is being used by 66% of developers.

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