National Trends Survey – Winners

Welcome to the full rundown of this year’s National Trends Survey prize-draw winners which was held between October & December. Below you’ll find a table comprised of both the email addresses and countries of all the people that won (the emails are obfuscated for security reasons).

Winners have already been notified by email – if you recognise the email fragment as yours and we haven’t contacted you, please drop us an email at survey [at]

Stay tuned for the key survey results which will be available as a report in February.

Here are the National Trends Survey prize-draw winners broken down into two sections: one for prizes available to all participants and one for exclusive prizes available only to members of our panel.

All Participants

Email Prize Country
sn*en* iPhone 6S (64GB) France
r*bb*s**** Sony Xperia Z5 Poland
va***.va*yl*** MS Surface tablet Taiwan
17**8* MS Surface tablet Russia
*c@** MS Surface tablet United States
A*laa* BlackBerry Passport – Factory Unlocked (32GB) Russia
andy*c*t*im**e* Lumia 635 United States
p*tm* Lumia 635 India
m*rt*n.f**nc* Lumia 635 Switzerland
a*ry**gg*p* Lumia 635 Indonesia
rad*a*** Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Edition Smartphone Russia
le**k9** Bellabeat Silver LEAF Russia
I*hs*n*z** Nexus Player Indonesia
me@k***n-re* Nexus Player Germany
ches**lej* Nexus Player Philippines
bv*lk* Nexus Player Greece
co*n**j** Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter United States
V**la*a*e* Google OnHub Mexico
gm*gam** Amazon Echo United States
pla***ol*e* Ubuntu Rasberry Pi 2 Matchbox Edition Germany
Lee.****a* Tessel 2 United States
sat*a* Tessel 2 Canada
*i*tay2* Tessel 2 Poland
ro**n*ad* Amazon Voucher ($300 USD) Brazil
c***i**s*all* O’Reilly book or video of choice (up to $100 USD) United States
p***k* course of choice (up to $150 USD) Vietnam
dev-***v** Pass to PG Connects 2016 Conference United Kingdom
m**ti*.u**i** Urban Ears Plattan Headset Colombia
x*c@digital*leg*** Urban Ears Plattan Headset Spain
z*nkpla**0** Vinli Developer Kit South Africa
k**ng1*j* Vinli Developer Kit Korea, South


Panel Members

Email Prize Country
e**br* Nexus 6 Canada
Dap**to* Nexus 6 Colombia
a_s*e*m** Nexus 6 Ukraine
p*** 10USD Amazon Korea, South
cak.***ir** 10USD Amazon Indonesia
han*** 10USD Amazon Brazil
n*tta***l*m* 10USD Amazon Israel
eng***ges*l** 10USD Amazon Egypt
er** 10USD Amazon United States
r*cardo.c**** 10USD Amazon Mexico
cplo** 10USD Amazon Indonesia
m*dr**je*s* 10USD Amazon Mexico
a*dreha***a* 10USD Amazon Indonesia
h*mm* 10USD Amazon United Kingdom
n*le*h*i*** 10USD Amazon India
p*as*****a**san* 10USD Amazon India
wp**nte* 10USD Amazon Colombia
s*os*o* 10USD Amazon Korea, South
c*j*n* 10USD Amazon Korea, South
iy* 10USD Amazon Japan
j****er* 10USD Amazon Indonesia
erla*.*k**b*kovic* 10USD Amazon Kyrgyzstan
ma*c** 10USD Amazon Poland
ga**r*it** 10USD Amazon Israel
g*t***oran** 10USD Amazon Brazil
rapi*tec***** 10USD Amazon United States
ak*ari.m** 10USD Amazon Iran
ryu** 10USD Amazon United States
na*a**a** 10USD Amazon Mexico
ke***od** 10USD Amazon Bahamas
r*c* 10USD Amazon United Kingdom
r***i**.**acid* 10USD Amazon Brazil
dan**l** 10USD Amazon Spain
kh**r**10** 10USD Amazon Indonesia
me*o*0_lim*a** 10USD Amazon Italy
bruce*ga** 10USD Amazon Netherlands
sure**p**il*3* 10USD Amazon India
a*b** 10USD Amazon United States
w*e*lan** 10USD Amazon United States
jo*hs** 10USD Amazon United States
s*va** 10USD Amazon Russia
duc*9*5h* 10USD Amazon Vietnam
j*cek**ary**o*sk* 10USD Amazon Poland
m**** 10USD Amazon India
pa**al**s*e* 10USD Amazon France
bu*ky*u* 10USD Amazon United States
al**fr*m*k* 10USD Amazon Russia
m*r*i**imot** 10USD Amazon Kenya
v*ki**k*s* 10USD Amazon India
m* 10USD Amazon Bangladesh
oh*oit*p*** 10USD Amazon India
l**ar***a.*u* 10USD Amazon Bolivia
c**e* 10USD Amazon United States
Gili*** 10USD Amazon Israel
Co*sult****le* 10USD Amazon United States
d*zmi*at** 10USD Amazon Belgium
b**n*c*** 10USD Amazon United States
chuc**il** 10USD Amazon United States
m*ke*ca*u*a** 10USD Amazon Philippines
s**y*o** 10USD Amazon Indonesia
a*andew****7* 10USD Amazon United States
y*u*** 10USD Amazon Poland
a**n* 10USD Amazon South Africa
paglub*g**a*a* 10USD Amazon Philippines
j*ls**i** 10USD Amazon Ukraine
nea*v* 10USD Amazon United States
P*u**j**r* 10USD Amazon United States
S*a*e.* 10USD Amazon Indonesia
che***ne.*hi*o* 10USD Amazon Mauritius
a***gr* 10USD Amazon Korea, South
g*y** 10USD Amazon Kenya
D**k*p*t*_*ollo* 10USD Amazon Qatar
kara****i* 10USD Amazon South Africa
i*no*h* 10USD Amazon Canada
c*n*a** 10USD Amazon Brazil
h*nhv*fp* 10USD Amazon Vietnam
t*ar*** 10USD Amazon Indonesia
P**sk* 10USD Amazon Germany
m**m* 10USD Amazon Russia
va***a*a*hing** 10USD Amazon United States
e**u**y2*1* 10USD Amazon Canada
da*i**m** 10USD Amazon Kenya
su**etvi*h9* 10USD Amazon India
ji*****a*o* 10USD Amazon India
o*u*a*e*no**b**i**ph* 10USD Amazon Nigeria
c****ha** 10USD Amazon Vietnam
saiakhil2*** 10USD Amazon India
ko*i**.mor** 10USD Amazon United States
za* 10USD Amazon South Africa
d**p*kpa*.90* 10USD Amazon India
j**oga*riel**iv**r** 10USD Amazon Brazil
sa*d_c**w* 10USD Amazon Morocco
l**u** 10USD Amazon Malaysia
in**an* 10USD Amazon India
nguy****en* 10USD Amazon Vietnam
g*lu**yste*y8* 10USD Amazon Zambia
k*ni*o* 10USD Amazon Japan
a**s* 10USD Amazon Israel
mad*e*af** 10USD Amazon Indonesia
latu*o*.*** 10USD Amazon United States
bi***c**baciogl* 10USD Amazon Turkey
u*am***h**4* 10USD Amazon Pakistan
m**mou078* 10USD Amazon Algeria
R*y**even* 10USD Amazon United States
a**u*ia*o.*a*** 10USD Amazon Mexico
n*c*las**s**t** 10USD Amazon Belgium
mi* 10USD Amazon United States
C*r**r*e* 10USD Amazon United States
f**ipe*se** 10USD Amazon Brazil
g*eg*i*e.*** 10USD Amazon France
ani*ingh**0* 10USD Amazon India
c*ig*an*** 10USD Amazon China
n*d**ap* 10USD Amazon Hungary
pa*ado*o**ou.*** 10USD Amazon Greece
SA*A*A*CA***IZ@LIVE.COM 10USD Amazon Colombia
bol**** 10USD Amazon Greece
ste** 10USD Amazon United States
g*alon** 10USD Amazon Honduras
a*an*sh*rma**** 10USD Amazon India
ra***r*jp* 10USD Amazon India
D**a**devel**men* 10USD Amazon Belgium
ee.*h*a** 10USD Amazon Philippines
d*lson**** 10USD Amazon Brazil
c*o*g**5** 10USD Amazon Vietnam
h*****lin* 10USD Amazon Germany
rc*** 10USD Amazon Australia
g*eg**yf*n*e* 10USD Amazon Brazil
s*ac*b*un*** 10USD Amazon United States
k***leck* 10USD Amazon Poland
yu*s** 10USD Amazon South Africa
f*is1*-*** 10USD Amazon Botswana
p*n* 10USD Amazon Greece
e**.a.saar*n** 10USD Amazon Finland
za***iaalhab*a* 10USD Amazon United States
a** 10USD Amazon Costa Rica
js*r* 10USD Amazon Philippines
ya*h**a*r*5* 10USD Amazon India
Ar***m*ol*i* 10USD Amazon China
lud**i*.p** 10USD Amazon Luxembourg
l**hfa***t* 10USD Amazon Indonesia
s*anm****ubraman*a* 10USD Amazon India
jk*** 10USD Amazon Taiwan
al**sand*o*be*ed*tt*** 10USD Amazon Italy
j**i* 10USD Amazon Hungary
se*gi**lo**** 10USD Amazon Argentina
da*m*d* 10USD Amazon Indonesia
an*l_k_bh*r*wa* 10USD Amazon India
swa**y** 10USD Amazon Canada
c*** 10USD Amazon United Kingdom
cho*r**in2* 10USD Amazon Indonesia
Ja**i*** 10USD Amazon Canada
hen*i.*ah*o*e* 10USD Amazon Finland
edwi**la** 10USD Amazon Canada
va***ndum* 10USD Amazon Australia
cann*** 10USD Amazon United States
e*w*r* 10USD Amazon Hong Kong
am**as*** 10USD Amazon Singapore
Dol*hi*sl** 10USD Amazon United States
l* 10USD Amazon United States
Q**ol*a*g8* 10USD Amazon Singapore
k**th***venka** 10USD Amazon India
ni**i*pate*1230* 10USD Amazon India
ne*ca*em* 10USD Amazon Spain
mi*a*tz* 10USD Amazon Portugal
e* 10USD Amazon Canada
vp**b** 10USD Amazon India
kiu***s.*be*i** 10USD Amazon Canada
an**zej***** 10USD Amazon Poland
k*n*l**erm* 10USD Amazon United States
ta*ls* 10USD Amazon Malaysia
ke**n*a**il*an*** 10USD Amazon Indonesia
mrq** 10USD Amazon Russia
m**a*e**ii* 10USD Amazon Egypt
jp*i** 10USD Amazon Venezuela
al*x*mok*us* 10USD Amazon Russia
hoo*y** 10USD Amazon Poland
ne***bha** 10USD Amazon Finland
d.**et* 10USD Amazon Vietnam
so**o** 10USD Amazon India
vi*io*mo** 10USD Amazon United Kingdom
igo*.m***ov.wo** 10USD Amazon Ukraine
dou****.brso*t*a** 10USD Amazon Brazil
d.h***c* 10USD Amazon Japan
l*nna*i* 10USD Amazon Kenya
pe**-tol*kon*ik* 10USD Amazon Uganda
ra* 10USD Amazon India
l*u*un** 10USD Amazon Vietnam
ja****av.**oma**d*v** 10USD Amazon Czech Republic
S*rg*e* 10USD Amazon Kyrgyzstan
r*nato.s**** 10USD Amazon Brazil
n**b**no* 10USD Amazon Korea, South
b*sh*m*n* 10USD Amazon United States
paint****er**ex0* 10USD Amazon United States
es**b* 10USD Amazon Mexico
O**n** 10USD Amazon Nigeria
l**quo**n* 10USD Amazon Vietnam
k*h*han*a*c**a* 10USD Amazon Singapore
isa**i* 10USD Amazon Japan
b*st1***** 10USD Amazon United States
d**i* 10USD Amazon United States
a****dinm* 10USD Amazon Indonesia
b**ano*sk*wi** 10USD Amazon Poland
v*ct***an*el1*** 10USD Amazon Spain

Developers trust their peers more than their partners

Developers certainly use developer programs from the platform vendors, almost half of them dropping by daily, but when they’ve got specific questions they value third-party sites, populated by their peers, more than the official channels.


That’s a key conclusion from VisionMobile’s 9th Developer Economics survey – a biannual event which gathers data from more than ten thousand developers around the world. That survey yields a whole load of demographic and procedural data, including how (and why) developers make use of developer programs. That information has been gathered together into Developer Program Benchmarking 2015.

Along with rankings for 15 of the most-popular developer programs the report looks at what developers value most, and where they think there is room for improvement. One of the most-interesting findings is the support for third-party forums over and above those provided by the platform vendors.

Neither topped the list of importance: documentation and example code were, unsurprisingly, the things that developers wanted most from a developer program. IDE integration came next, but directly below those three was support on public forums such as Stack Overflow and Instructables. That puts third-party forums two ranks above those devoted to a specific platform or technology, and hosted by the platform vendors.


Those dedicated forums were cited by 20% of mobile developers, and 24% of desktop developers, as being in their top-three desired features. Well short of the 31% (mobile) and 30% (desktop) who put third party sites into that category. Peer support is obviously important – Stack Overflow has become the primary source of developer Q&A in recent years, claiming more than 16 million solutions provided and 8 million developers using the site every day; a significant proportion of the total developer population estimated at 18 million. Github – recently valued at $2bn by the Wall Street Journal – hosts repositories for Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, while Intel works closely with Instructables.

With that in mind it’s less surprising to see that the four companies rated best for their involvement in third-party sites are the same four who rated best overall for services offered to developers. The commitment in reaching out to developers is reflected in the services provided to developers who come calling.

But why do developers eschew official channels to such an extent? In part it is lack of trust, born of a cynicism endemic to the younger generation which makes up the majority of developers. There is a feeling that official channels won’t host comments, or responses, critical of the vendor’s products or services – though there is no evidence that this is the case, and vendors are quick to provide examples which contradict this view. Perhaps more important is the way in which modern developers work across platforms, and are often looking for support which will help them work with competitive products.

A developer working on an Android app, for example, may want advice on integrating that application with Amazon’s cloud service, and IBM’s equivalent, so will look for support on a third-party site where developers may have experience they can share. Those posting also feel a freedom to discuss the merits of competitive platforms, such as the payment systems available through Google and Amazon’s respective application stores, where support on either vendor’s site may be more focused on their own product range.

This perception is largely false, as vendors’ forums host a wide variety of discussions, but the effect remains pervasive. Developer Programs which rated highly all invest in third-party sites, providing staff to answer questions and ensuring that their agenda is represented in every discussion. As applications continue to expand across platforms – taking in cloud services and IoT resources – so developers will increasingly look beyond hosted forums to community sites like Stack Overflow and Instructables: a trend that developer programs will have to follow if they wish to stay relevant in an evolving industry.

The Internet of Things is about to reshape e-commerce

E-commerce as we know it is about to be fundamentally reshaped, as every connected object in the future becomes a potential commerce channel.

10 mobile commerce 03

Internet of Things – from smart home devices to connected cars – will transform e-commerce and allow it to stretch across the breadth of the customer journey – from awareness, to intent, to purchase. Billions of “things” will double as e-commerce points of sale (PoS), unbundling and extending PoS for e-commerce outside the web, app and product silos controlled by e-commerce players. But how will we get there? Read on – and also download our latest free report, focusing on the Commerce of Things, presented by Braintree!


E-commerce is forecast to continue to grow fast, and m-commerce twice as fast for that matter, the latter poised to reach a value of $600 billion by 2018. The Internet of Things (IoT) is at last leaving the hype phase and is becoming a revenue-creating reality. By 2020, there could be as many as five connected objects per every smartphone user. And by then, the IoT market is set to reach a value of $1.7 trillion.

IoT and e-commerce have until now evolved in parallel. They are now embarking on a common journey where every connected object becomes a potential e-commerce real estate. With IoT, washing machines can now not just deliver detergent just in time by knowing when your supplies run out, they can also recommend the right detergent, based on your usage or type of clothes, on demand. Car makers can recommend where you buy your gas, by understanding your drive journey, availability of gas stations, pricing on-demand discounts, and gas station commission – in fact Google’s Waze does this already. Watchmakers can command a commission from health insurers, as they can monitor your heart rate, temperature, fitness habits and determine what risk zone you are in. Moreover, makers of connected devices can now afford a negative BOM (bill of materials) “à la Dell”, by subsidizing the cost of hardware with the revenues from bundled e-commerce services.

E-commerce is already the biggest revenue generator among mobile developers, yet only a small minority have acknowledged it and few have seized it with both hands. Mobile developers using e-commerce (for physical or digital goods) have median monthly revenues of $1,000-$2,000 compared to a measly $200-$350 median monthly revenue for mobile developers across all revenue models.

Yet, only a small share of mobile developers, 9%, have chosen to work with e-commerce, based on our 9th Developer Economics survey wave of May 2015, of more than 13,000 software developers globally.

We expect however that this number will grow as off-the-shelf fulfilment and payment platforms ease the pain of managing inventory, customers and transactions. Scaling up will become easier and therefore e-commerce a less daunting and more appealing option for an increasing number of developers.

Services such as Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) and Pinterest’s buyable buttons are all early, and telling, examples of the commerce things to come. They show how e-commerce is evolving towards letting customers make purchasing choices based on impulse and context instead of having to browse and select among a myriad of items. They also show how a purchasing decision is vastly simplified when discovery and payment friction has been removed.

The e-commerce of things journey has only started but it will have far-reaching consequences for e-commerce, IoT, and overall how goods and services are consumed in the future. For an in-depth analysis of how developers and IoT are shaping e-commerce, download the free VisionMobile report on the Commerce of Things.

As Founder, Andreas oversees the growth and strategy at VisionMobile. He has been working on the mobile industry since 2000, helping take the very first smartphones to market. Since then he’s worked with the top technology brands including Microsoft, Intel, Google, Amazon and AT&T. In his academic life, Andreas is an Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Sweden, where he teaches Internet Business Models. He is passionate about mapping the future and the economics that will shape how people communicate, work and play.

You can reach Andreas at: or @andreascon

Marlène Sellebråten has researched and written about the global telecoms, mobile and mobile innovation market for 15 years, working as an analyst, a tech editor and a consultant, for analyst firms such as Gartner and publications such as CommunicationsWeek International (now Totaltelecom). More recently she was editor-in-chief of Sweden’s leading publication on B2B mobile, Mobilbusiness, as well as Sweden’s largest publication on B2C mobile, Mobil, before joining VisionMobile as an Analyst Partner.

You can reach Marlène at: or @MSellebraten