Prize winners from the Developer Economics April-May 2015 survey

We’re happy to announce the winners of the prize draw for the April-May 2015 developer survey – the full email addresses have been obfuscated for privacy reasons.

This was our biggest survey to date, reaching over 13,000 respondents – a big thank you goes out to all participants. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Email Address Country Prize
j*****.****is***@gm***.com United Kingdom Oculus Rift DK2
uy*****le@h****i*.com United States Canakit Raspberry Pi B
*o*ss***1*@g****.com United States Nexus Player
**ma****sm**l@a**.com United Kingdom Amazon Echo
tr****s**ho*****.com Albania Jetbrains editor
****79**@**.com China Wikileaks T-shirt
r*ym***or***@*ma**.com Mexico Wikileaks T-shirt
n*sr***mc***@*o.**.in India Wikileaks T-shirt
**kub.****lo****@li**.com Poland Wikileaks T-shirt
p*ta***re***@*oo**.com Argentina Wikileaks T-shirt
**ee****y*t**4*@**ai*.com United States Cyborg Unplug
**ki***o*d**l@g** South Africa Pencil for iPad
c*****n@ps*****ec***i*.com United States Free Pass to PGConnects SF
v*****ey*****ni9**@gm***.com India Blackberry Z10
**awh*@g****.com United Kingdom Blackberry Z10
****all**8*@gm***.com Canada Blackberry Z10
x*1***@g****.com Mexico Lumia 930
k**lo****@h****i*.com Greece Lumia 930
***d****in***pa**@*ma**.com United States Dell Venue 8
**be*****le@** United States Dell Venue 8
****raj***bat@te*****ind**.com India Dell Venue 8
ch******30@g****.com Indonesia Dell Venue 8
*****ad*@gm***.com Venezuela iPhone6
***gli****@ou*****.com United States Aquaris E4.5
***ier.****e@***on** France Samsung Galaxy S6
an*****n.**n*@so******* Sweden Apple Watch Sports edition

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