Website redesign!

We ‘ve just launched our new website with a completely redesigned look & feel!. After a year in the making and working closely with two design agencies, the website is finally alive and kicking. Thanks to Paul at fifty50 and Savvas at Peel-Me for all their hard work. Feel free to browse through the site and let us know what you think!

Site redesign

San Francisco next week?

Continuing with our successful 360 degree workshop on Mobile Open Source, we ‘ll be delivering the workshop as part of Informa’s Open Source in Mobile conference in San Francisco conference on March 10. This one-day intensive workshop is a must for companies wanting to understand the economics, legal issues and complex landscape of Linux and open source software vendors in the mobile industry, and make informed decisions on their own positioning.

Check here for more info on the Informa Open Source in Mobile conference, or drop us a line if you are in the San Francisco area and want to meet up.

– Andreas

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Andreas Constantinou

As the CEO and Founder of /Data, Andreas oversees sales and strategy. He has been working at the crossroads of the mobile and software industries since 2000, helping take the very first smartphones to market. Since then he’s worked with the top brand names in the software industry including Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Over the past twelve years, Andreas has grown SlashData into the leading analyst firm in the developer economy, with a client base and reputation that out-rivals companies many times the size.

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